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Pfiffner and Witzig & Frank: Two specialists, a single unit

For more than 50 years, Pfiffner has developed rotary transfer machines that offer top precision and flexibility. As the Pfiffner Group, Pfiffner has joined forces with the long-established machine tool manufacturer Witzig & Frank in order to offer reliable solutions for the requirements of the market to a satisfied customer base. Combined, we offer our customers expertise gleaned from more than 200 years of work in the rotary transfer machine field.


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Regardless of the application, the Pfiffner Group always has the best solution.

We offer cost-effective solutions for high-volume rotary transfer machines for the most diverse requirements and sectors.


In addition to drilling, milling, and grinding, turning is one of the most important machining production processes.



Drilling is a machining process. By applying pressure against the workpiece, the drill, which rotates around its own longitudinal axis, creates a bore.



Milling is the machining of metals, wood, or artificial materials using a milling tool through the rotation of the cutting tool.


Other technologies

We offer other technologies such as honing, broaching, forming, grinding, precision drilling, and more.



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With trust comes responsibility. And that's why our motto "Only quality can produce quality" always comes first. Our success is directly connected to the success of our customers, which is why we offer comprehensive, long-term service for all of our rotary transfer machines.

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