The rejuvenation treatment for
your Pfiffner Hydromat® rotary transfer machines

General information

Always up-to-date

The Pfiffner ReVest® program offers you a team of specialists with more than 50 years of know-how in the construction of Hydromat® rotary transfer machines. They use this knowledge to completely recondition older machines and to equip them with the latest technology. A full reconditioning directly from the manufacturer ensures reliable production and protects your investment for many more years.

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Original Pfiffner quality

When overhauling machines and machine assemblies, we only use original parts in order to guarantee top quality. We can also provide Pfiffner Hydromat units and valves that have been subjected to factory reconditioning. We also keep all common valve types in stock.

How a Pfiffner ReVest® factory reconditioning takes place

  • Complete dismantling of the machine and its assemblies
  • Sandblasting and repainting
  • Mechanical reworking of unit carriers and machine bases, including upgrading
  • Restoration of original precision including geometric documentation
  • Complete replacement of hydraulic equipment
  • Complete reconditioning of rotary indexing table and rotary table
  • Complete reconditioning of all units and all Hydromat valves
  • Complete replacement of electrical equipment
  • New electrical cabinet and control from Siemens or Bosch
  • New control panel from Siemens or Pfiffner HMI (CNC design)
  • Full compliance with EU directives