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WITZIG & FRANK services

We offer professional services for your highly productive machines and plants. Whether it's a matter of keeping the availability of your plants as high as possible or adapting them in line with necessary changes in order to continue producing products at a high level. As your partner, we want to use our know-how to help us to be successful together.

Hotline/remote service  

Fast problem solving with no need for an on-site deployment. We can support you remotely so that your plant is available again as quickly as possible. Our service experts can assist your maintenance employees so that we can rectify malfunctions together. We can correct a range of malfunctions cost-effectively by means of remote support without having to actually come to your site.


  • Remote diagnosis of malfunctions and, in some cases, remote rectification
  • Error analysis by means of remote service with targeted instructions for employees about solving the problem
  • Software modifications and updates
  • Implementation of software in case of data loss
  • Optimization or changes to PLC and NC programs

If an on-site deployment is required after all, our service team is ready to help.


Taking precautions pays off. Regular inspections by skilled Witzig & Frank technicians will increase the lifetime of your production plant and help to avoid costly repairs and follow-on damages. Inspections that are specially tailored to the individual machine types ensure high availability and a long lifetime. Unplanned machine downtime can be avoided and required maintenance and repairs can be planned for the best possible time.


Fast help in an emergency. We always keep standard components in stock. This ensures that repairs can be carried out by our service technicians at our sites and yours at short notice. We'd be happy to help you with a provisioning concept for special components for your plant so that these parts are available at all times, too.

Process optimization (OEE) 

Benefit from our know-how. Whether it's a matter of optimizing individual machining processes or perfecting the entire machining procedure of your plant. With our know-how, we can help you to increase output and improve quality.

Optimization of primary processing time and non-productive time

  • Significant productivity increase
  • Reduced costs per workpiece
  • Production supervision
  • Turnkey solutions

Spare parts

Top quality and maximum lifetime with original Witzig & Frank spare parts

With our spare parts service, you can keep your plant in check. Simply use our knowledge for the selection of the right spare parts. Standard parts are available immediately ex stock. For plant-specific special components, we recommend a custom provisioning concept to ensure that these parts are available whenever you need them, too.  

Our service team will be happy to help you with the know-how required. We offer standard and express shipment options. And if time is really of the essence, you can opt for an immediate courier service.


The ReVest® program

ReVest® – for rejuvenating Witzig & Frank rotary transfer machines

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New challenges for existing machines

We can offer you efficient retooling solutions for your existing Witzig & Frank plants. Regardless of whether it's simply retooling or also integrating new, additional functions, as a machine manufacturer we can offer turnkey solutions in this area. You will benefit from our know-how in the design of machining processes, real-time simulation and collision analysis in 3D, design of clamping devices and tools, retrofitting of additional functions, creation of NC programs, adaption of PLC programs, conversion of existing plant to machine a new workpiece at your site, setup and quality acceptance for a new workpiece, and product supervision during the startup phase. 


Service products

Investment where it really pays off

Exchange assemblies 

We can provide you with exchange assemblies for tool turrets and spindles if you're in a rush and do not have a replacement available. Ex stock, we have exchange turrets for machine types such as the Triflex U 30-60, Triflex UG , Triflex 5X, Uniflex, Turmat, and LSA. For the Triflex 5X, we always keep a stock of exchange spindles on hand.

Retrofit kit/remote access 

We offer retrofits and updates of the remote connection to ensure secure remote access.

Replacement assemblies for quick on-site exchange

Reconditioning and repairs take place offline without adversely affecting availability. We'll be happy to formulate a concept that suits you.

Service agreements

We can provide completely individual service agreements to meet your special requirements.


Professionally trained employees are your key to success

Regular training courses relating to machine operation, mechanical and electrical maintenance, and programming are really important to us. We also offer individual customer training to meet your requirements profile. This allows you to make sure that your employees obtain the know-how they need in relation to your Witzig & Frank machines. 

As a result, your plant will run efficiently and you will avoid faults and malfunctions.