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Pfiffner and Witzig & Frank belong to the FFG E&A, which is part of the globally active Fair Friend Group. This group unites 15 established German, Italian, Swiss, and American manufacturers of lathes, milling machines, rotary transfer machines, and similar. The users of FFG products include renowned companies from automotives, the aerospace industry, machine construction, metalworking, energy engineering, and many other branches.


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A management team with international experience

The Pfiffner Group management team (from left):

Thomas Stoll (Head of Pfiffner Service)

Frank Lutz (Managing Director of K.R. Pfiffner GmbH)

Markus Schwab (CFO)

Andreas Ewald (CEO)

Daniel Aeby (Head of Pfiffner Innovation)

Uwe Krause (Head of Sales, Managing Director of K.R. Pfiffner GmbH, Retired)

Ivo Maric (Head of Pfiffner Operations)

Hans Greter (Head of Sales Pfiffner), not on the group photo

Brands of the Pfiffner Group


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Witzig & Frank

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From three locations to the entire world

K.R. Pfiffner GmbH
Witzig & Frank
Am Holderstock 2
DE-77652 Offenburg

+49 (0) 781 289 0

K.R. Pfiffner GmbH
Axtbühl 2
DE-78658 Zimmern o.R.

+49 (0) 741 92 88 0

K.R. Pfiffner AG
Sonnmattstrasse 28
CH-3427 Utzenstorf

+41 (0) 32 6 66 35 35

Our guiding principle

Our process reliability, your success!

Unbeaten value for money

Through the Pfiffner and Witzig & Frank brands, we've been one of the leading providers of high-productivity rotary transfer machines for mechanical precision parts for decades. We develop highly automated turnkey solutions for specific part production tasks. Our systems also meet the most stringent requirements when it comes to machine capability. We ensure the long-term success of our customers through low operating costs, flexibility, and the digital integration of our systems.