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Top requirements for performance and quality

Our rotary transfer machines meet the highest requirements in relation to performance and quality. Despite this, malfunctions that require a repair can occur. Our team of extremely well trained technicians are ready and waiting to provide highly qualified help and to keep any downtime of your plant to a minimum. Our objective is to make a service call within 24 hours of initial telephone contact and to render remote support via VPN to the Pfiffner rotary transfer machine.


Sustainable use of your investment


Taking precautions pays off. Regular inspections by skilled Pfiffner technicians will increase the lifetime of your process chain and help to avoid costly repairs and follow-on damages. Inspections that are perfectly tailored to the individual machine types ensure high availability and a long lifetime.
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Repairs Fast help in an emergency. At Pfiffner, machine repairs don't just mean replacing defective parts; instead, a repair involves a thorough investigation to find the underlying cause. We trigger specific measures depending on your machine type and the cause of the damage. To avoid machine downtimes, we also offer leased equipment.
Rental concept At Pfiffner, we offer a rental concept as a temporary solution for orders for smaller quantities. One example here is the Pfiffner Hydromat CNC as a standalone machining unit. The minimum rental duration ranges from a month to several years, and an option to purchase forms part of the contract. The Pfiffner rental concept allows you to fulfill orders with a low investment risk. Give us a call and we'll be happy to tell you about our rental concept.
Production supervision Benefit from our optimization service. As well as turnkey solutions and product supervision, with our optimization service we offer a non-binding potential analysis and the optimization of primary processing time and non-productive time. We also provide feasibility and machining tests, a modular offering with individual optimization units, and a significant increase in your productivity including reduced costs per workpiece.

Spare parts

Keep your rotary transfer machine in check. Make sure spare parts are available when you need them.

It's always sensible to keep specific original spare parts for your machine tools at your site. We'll be happy to work out which parts you need to keep on hand through individual provisioning concepts that take all required spare parts into account. Depending on your requirements and rotary transfer machine, a specific concept might be required. As a result, you'll have optimum stocks of original Pfiffner spare parts with the provided warranty at all times. For you, this means the fast, uncomplicated supply of spare parts and the best possible availability of your machine. With no additional costs and at the same delivery speed.

The ReVest® program

ReVest® – for rejuvenating Pfiffner rotary transfer machines

With ReVest, you can have your machines renewed at the factory, trade an old machine in for a new one, or sell an old machine to us.


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Optimize your overall plant efficiency

Pfiffner offers you efficient retooling solutions from the manufacturer for your existing production facilities. We can cater for new workpieces, materials, and machining technologies. We can also help you to reduce costs per part, increase productivity, and optimize machine availability.



Repair Express

The effective rejuvenation treatment for your Hydromat® rotary transfer machines

Overhauls ensure a longer machine lifetime and offer various different advantages. There's no need to dismantle the machines and partial overhauls involve minimal, plannable machine downtime. Even a full overhaul is generally possible with a downtime of just 2 to 6 weeks thanks to precise planning.


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Service products

Protect your investments,
ensure profitability

Through our service products, we help you to protect your investments in rotary transfer machines in the long term and to operate your machines with the best possible profitability.

Safety inspection

A regular, professional safety inspection increases work safety and offers your employees better protection against accidents. In addition, it allows defects caused by wear or damage to be detected early on, which reduces the risk of failure or downtime due to defective machines.
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Pfiffner Remote Service Pfiffner Remote Service offers you various options for the remote maintenance of your machines. This means that maintenance/inspection tasks and repairs can be supported by modern augmented reality (AR). Clear advantages include time savings due to the prioritization of fault causes and fast problem solving as well as cost-effectiveness thanks to a reduction in travel time, reduced use of resources and quicker reactions times.
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Control panel retrofit solution We offer this retrofit solution because spare parts for the Siemens OP27 and the Pfiffner machine control panel are no longer available. In addition, the ProTool projection software is no longer supported and the required interfaces are often no longer available on today's laptops.
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The Hydromat® CNC standalone machining unit

Our standalone units help you to optimize various work areas at your company. They increase your productivity and profitability through the efficient production of workpieces in just a few working steps at a small number of machining stations. They also increase your flexibility and competitiveness thanks to new opportunities for machining even more complex workpieces. In addition, they improve the precision of workpieces and performance due to faster, better quality machining processes with CNC controllers.
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Industry 4.0 When it comes to Industry 4.0, we have different approaches to bring you benefits and added value. For instance, we can collect and record your data. We also offer machine condition monitoring, machine diagnostics, and secure remote access.
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Teleservice box Pfiffner has developed a teleservice box that establishes a reliable connection to your machines in order to offer a smooth changeover from analog to digital IP technology and thus a reliable remote service connection.
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Retrofit solution for Siemens 805/840C control

After 20 years, we've discontinued support for the Siemens CNC 805 and 840C controls from the end of 2020. Your solution for life after the 805: The Hydromat® CNC standalone machining unit with add-on cabinet. We offer specific solutions in place of the 840C. Please contact us.
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Further retrofit options Please contact us. We'll be happy to offer you further retrofit options such as increased energy efficiency with government incentives, offcut separation, conversion to TENDOturn adapters and much more.
High-pressure coolant-through-collet flushing Increase your investment and production reliability with the Pfiffner service tuning kit. The high-pressure coolant-through-collet flushing feature allows you to produce and turn parts with a low chip load. Thanks to the improved chip load in your production process, you will benefit from top precision and flexibility. Custom retrofitting is possible for all stations and machines.
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Service tuning kit for Pfiffner Hydromat®

High-pressure coolant-through-collet flushing


We like to share what we know!

Our motto "Only quality can produce quality" directly links our success to the success of our customers. For this reason, we place a high value on regular customer training courses relating to machine operation, mechanical and electrical maintenance, and programming. We also offer individual customer training to meet your requirements profile. In this way, we ensure that our customers have perfect know-how when it comes to our machines.

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