Witzig & Frank

Rotary transfer machines for
complex workpieces

Consistently high parts quality

Rotary transfer machines to meet the most stringent requirements

Witzig & Frank is a long-established, internationally high-performing manufacturer of custom machines. We use standard assemblies to configure custom machine concepts that meet the most stringent requirements relating to quality, productivity, flexibility, and availability. We offer our customers a huge amount of know-how and all-round customer care – from the initial idea to the development and realization of complete turnkey projects. Our range of machines focus on the cutting and chipless shaping of mostly cubic workpieces at high production volumes (medium and large series production) for the highest quality requirements.


A glance at the world of Witzig & Frank



Important Witzig & Frank milestones

1865 Founding of the company as K. Martin Maschinenfabrik mechanical workshops
1919 Production of machine tools
1926 Construction of dishwashers
1954 Founding of Witzig & Frank Maschinenbaugesellschaft MBH
1975 Market introduction of the patented TURMAT multi-way automatic rotary transfer center
1981 Merging of K. Martin Maschinenfabrik und Witzig & Frank
1993 TRIFLEX multi-station CNC machining center
1996 Acquisition of Diedesheim LSA rotary transfer range
2013 Incorporation of Witzig & Frank into the FFG Group
2015 150th anniversary & development of a flexible production cell
2017 Redevelopment of the TRIFLEX
2018 Transition to K. R. Pfiffner GmbH


An overview of our machines

Through our rotary transfer machines, we act as a strong partner for the automotive industry, automotive components industry, sanitation and technical fittings industry, and other sectors.

Witzig & Frank Turmat

A vertical rotary transfer machine for 3/5-side machining

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Witzig & Frank TriFlex 5X

A rotary indexing center for 5-axis machining in a single clamping operation

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Witzig & Frank LSA

A horizontal rotary transfer machine for simultaneous 3-side machining

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Witzig & Frank LSA-Uniflex

A standard rotary indexing center with 4 stations

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